Allergies are the worst. Especially when you crave fabulous lashes but are allergic to glue. Good news is: we solved this problem for you! Fabulashes Eyeliner has no glue in it, totally latex-free. For those who just hate nasty glue, this is your best choice as well. No more worries about the glue ruining your whole look.

Magic Hooray

Fabulashes Eyeliner can get ANY LASHES to stay. All you need to do is draw the eyelines and apply the lashes. We give you not only the perfect lashes without hurting your real ones, but we also make your life even easier.


I have been using these lashes all day long for 12 days ,so light and tight that i forgot that they are on, BEST PURCHASE SO FAR🤩🤩

Tayla K

Got mine today , and I LOVE IT !! Best investment ever 😍 

Shirley M

Best way to get the lashes done INSTANTLY 💖

Kate P

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